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Business Topics

The Seibu Group concentrates operations in three main areas—urban transportation and regional, hotel and leisure, and real estate—while also benefiting from synergies with the construction and other business segments.
We have reorganized our reportable business segments from FY2020, by adding “Sports Business” as one of our focused area for growth and integrated “Hawaii Business” with “Hotel and Leisure” for efficient and synergistic management.
For more details, please refer to P11 of the following material. 
Notice Regarding the Cancellation of Formulation of “FY2020-FY2022 Seibu Group’s Medium-term Management Plan” and Withdrawal of “FY2019-FY2021 Seibu Group’s Medium-term Management Plan” 

Key initiatives of the fiscal year ended March 31, 2020


■Urban Transportation and Regional

  • Completed renewal construction on Seibu-Shinjuku station. Opened the second tourist information center specified for non-Japanese visitors,  for Seibu Railway. (Apr. 1, 2019)
  • Model 001 Laview  train won the Good Design Gold Prize (Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry) (Oct. 31, 2019) and iF Design Award 2020. (Feb. 14, 2020)
  • Started operating the platform gates at Nerima Station (Nov. 5, 2019) and Seibu Shinjuku Station. (Mar. 11, 2020)
  • Seibu Railway has announced renewal of Seibuen Amusement Park, collaborating with Katana Inc. (Opening in 2021) Its concept: "A Heartwarming World of Happiness".
  • Banned disposable plastic straws at leisure facilities alongside Seibu Railway lines. (Toshimaen, Seibuen Amusement Park, etc.; from end of May 2019 onward)
  • Introduced the POCKETALK® AI interpreting machine at all Seibu Line stations and limited express trains. (from Nov. 2019)
  • Seibu Bus and Gunma University conclude a joint research agreement for practical implementation of automated driving technology. (Mar. 5, 2020)

■Hotel and Leisure

  • Opened its first members-only resort hotels, Prince Vacation Club Karuizawa Asama and Prince Vacation Club Villa Karuizawa Asama. (Jul. 8, 2019)
  • Renovated Sanyo-so (Ryokan)  in Izu Nagaoka. 8 rooms in the annex building were renewed as Prince Vacation Club Sanyo-so. (Opened in Jul. 17, 2019)
  • Decided to start a limited service hotel brand Prince Smart Inn for the next-generation in Atami, Kyoto and Naha. Decided to open a Prince Hotel's brand hotel in Ginowan City.
  • Opened its first global luxury brand for Prince Hotel, The Prince Akatoki London.  (Sep. 16, 2019)
  • Opened The Hotel Seiryu Kyoto Kiyomizu  using the site of a former Kiyomizu elementary school in Kyoto. (Mar. 22, 2020)
  • Decided on the name "Xpark" for an aquarium being built by Yokohama Hakkeijima in Taoyuan City, Taiwan.
  • As an initiative for promoting action on sustainability, formulated an "Action Plan for the Reduction of Food Waste" to address the global issue of food waste. (May 16, 2019)
  • Completed renewal of Nichinankaigan Nango Prince Hotel  in the motif of Saitama Seibu Lions. (Jan. 30, 2020)
  • Five Prince Hotels scored four-star ratings in the Forbes Travel Guide 2020, becoming the hotel chain with the most four-star ratings in Japan. (Feb. 12, 2020)

■Real Estate

  • Opened DaiyaGate Ikebukuro. (Apr. 2019)
  • Completed construction of mixed-use facility for rental apartment, commercial retail shops and childcare service at the south gate of Higashi-Nagasaki station. Opened the emilive (our rental apartment brand) Higashi-Nagasaki, our sixth emilive apartment alongside railway lines. (Opened in Sep. 2019)
  • The first shared workspace by Seibu, “emiffice Nerima” opened inside Nerima station. (Sep. 2019)
  • Decided on nine key tenant stores for Grand Emio Tokorozawa phase II, which is scheduled to open in early September 2020. (Feb. 25, 2020)


  • Promoting MetLife Dome renewal project. (Ballpark project) Opened official team store FLAGS, new indoor practice field, players' dormitory Wakajishi and office building .(Jul. 2019)
  • Saitama Seibu Lions won the Pacific League pennant race for the second consecutive year and the 23rd time overall. (Sep. 2019)
  • Saitama Seibu Lions release the first official smartphone app for a baseball team. (Feb. 14, 2020)

Note: This page only depicts a list of events that happened during the fiscal year ended March 31, 2020, although our overseas subsidiaries use a calendar year in respect to accounting periods.