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Business Topics

The Seibu Group concentrates operations in three main areas—Urban Transportation and Regional, Hotel and Leisure, and Real Estate—while also benefiting from synergies with the Construction and Other business segments.


Initiatives to ensure safety and security of customers and employees, and to recover earnings


  • Seibu Group business management policy during COVID-19 pandemic
    (1)Place safety and security of customers and employees as our top priority in conducting our business.
    (2)Grasp changing needs quickly and accurately from the customers perspective, and work swiftly to develop services.
    (3)Actively pursue profits through the measures mentioned above.
  • Promoted telework and staggered working hours to prevent the spread of infection.

■Urban Transportation and Regional

  • Take infection prevention measures such as sterilization, ventilation, antiviral, antibacterial coating inside trains/buses and at the stations.
  • Started providing teleworking space service at BIGBOX Higashi-Yamato and Hatara-kuukan (in front of Seibu-Chichibu station) using via-at app.
  • Closed Toshimaen at the end of Aug. and entered an agreement to develop a facility of Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo - The Making of Harry Potter in part of the former site of Toshimaen. 
  • Conducted a field trial for tourism-oriented MaaS in the Hanno area (Sept. 2020-Jan. 2021).
  • Conducted a field trial on transporting agricultural products by limited express “Laview” (Oct. 2020 and Feb. 2021).
  • Held renewal opening of Sayama Indoor Skiing Ground (Nov. 12, 2020).
  • Conducted a field trial for the use of automated driving on route buses in the Hanno area (Feb. and March 2021).
  • Moved up the schedule of the last train in the timetables that were revised on March 2021 to improve safety and efficiency of nighttime maintenance.
  • Seibuen Amusement Park undergoing a revamp collaborating with Katana Inc. (set to open on May 19, 2021).

■Hotel and Leisure

  • Established “Guidelines for Preventing COVID-19 Infection” at Prince Hotels to put safety and security of guests and employees first in operations.
    Established “Prince Safety Commitment,”  new standards for health safety and disinfection, and “PROMISING Wedding,” the eight safety standards that promise safe and secure weddings, and made guidelines for our guests easier to understand.
  • Developed workation plans for corporations to support company problem-solving and “local workations” that also offer the opportunity to enjoy unique local experiences as well as accommodation plan using coupon tickets that will allow guests to choose the hotel they prefer on their desired dates.
  • Proposed remote wedding plans that “connect” with wedding facilities nationwide, “NEW BANQUET EXPERIENCE,” which incorporates wagon services, communication space, the “Hybrid MICE,” which combines the real world and the online world at hotels nationwide in cooperation with NTT Advertising, Inc. and other services.
  • Opened Xpark , aquarium with cutting-edge technology, in Taoyuan, Taiwan (Aug. 7, 2020).
  • Opened Tokyo Bay Shiomi Prince Hotel , hotel under a management contract (Sept. 1, 2020).
  • Opened “Prince Smart Inn Ebisu ,” the first hotel of the next-generation hotel brand (Oct. 8, 2020).
  • Rebranded the Grand Prince Hotel Kyoto as “The Prince Kyoto Takaragaike ,” the flagship brand of the Prince Hotels (Oct. 9, 2020).
    Joined the Autograph Collection of Marriott International, Inc.
  • Opened “Park Regis Zhuhai” (Zhuhai, China)  and “Leisure Inn Arion” (Jakarta, Indonesia)  (Dec. 16, 2020).
  • Through a partnership with Allm Inc., a medical care provider, Prince Hotels will provide services to further ensure the safety and security for weddings, MICE* and other banquets by launching a solution to infection prevention.
    Opened PCR-specialty clinic inside Shinjuku Prince Hotel (March 30, 2021).
    * MICE: Meetings, Incentives, Conventions/Conferences, Exhibitions/Events

■Real Estate

  • Operate commercial facilities implementing measures to prevent infection such as restricting entry with an awareness of avoiding the “three Cs” and ensuring social distancing and worked with business clients to overcome this difficult period, such as offering rent relief for facilities (mostly during the first quarter).
  • Opened “Grand Emio Tokorozawa”  phase II and started shared use of new station facilities (Sept. 2, 2020).
  • Ran outdoor markets (farmer’s markets) by making use of open space in front of a Seibu's commercial facility.
  • Launched an online consultation service that allows customers to consult on purchasing and selling vacation homes and houses, lifestyle support, and purchasing burial plots, all while staying at their own home or when they are outdoors.
  • Started prefabricated unit rental service “Emi Cube,” which utilizes idle land of the Group and looking for tenants for the Emi Cube Musashi-Seki as the first property (Feb. 25, 2021).
  • Opened “emiffice Oizumi-Gakuen” as the second property of the “emiffice” shared-office (Mar. 22, 2021).
  • Launched “Emi Farm,” farm rental as an outdoor service to respond to stay-at-home demand, in collaboration with Seibu Agribusiness Inc. .


  • Conduct construction works, taking thorough measures to prevent infection.


  • Izuhakone Railway and Ohmi Railway concluded sister station agreements with Taiwan Railway Administration.
  • Launched BOPISTA, a station delivery service using smart coin lockers, as a new purchasing style during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Completed refurbishment plan for converting MetLife Dome into a ball park (March 2021).
  • Launched “LIONS VIRTUAL STADIUM,” which enables users to experience MetLife Dome virtually at any time or anywhere using digital technology, as a joint project with NTT Communications Corporation.

Promotion of DX (digital transformation) and marketing strategy and collaboration inside and outside the Group

■Offensive strategy towards DX (digital transformation), marketing strategy

  • Started official smartphone app membership services for “SEIBU PRINCE CLUB” and “SEIBU PRINCE CLUB emi.” 
  • Seibu Group’s MaaS app “SeMo,” brought into service and conducted field trials for tourism-oriented MaaS in the Kawagoe area (Sept. 14, 2020 - Nov. 30,2020).
  • Invited Mr. SHOJI Tetsuya (Corporate Advisor to NTT Communications Corporation) as Executive Advisor.
  • By using ICT, promoting of computerization of accounting operations and shifting to paperless operations in order to reform teleworking and other workstyles.
  • Implementation of in-house training for human resource development in the field of DX.

■Collaboration inside and outside the Group

  • Blue Incubation Co., Ltd. and operating company Blue Muse Co., Ltd. were established to invest in and manage new business fields.
  • Selected 6 proposal ideas from a total of 171 submissions under the Seibu Group new business creation program, “SWING OPEN” and started examination and field trials for commercialization.
  • Announcement of partnership with East Japan Railway Company.
    →Offering the following through a long-term partnership.
    (1)New work styles and lifestyles (2) Town development (3) Revitalization of rail line-side areas
    We will promote a comprehensive range of initiatives centering on the three pillars as mentioned above.
  • Partnership with Allm Inc. .

■Promotion of Sustainability Actions