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Business Topics

The Seibu Group concentrates operations in three main areas—Urban Transportation and Regional, Hotel and Leisure, and Real Estate—while also benefiting from synergies with the Construction and Other business segments.
We have reorganized our reportable business segments from FY2020, by adding “Sports Business” as one of our focused area for growth and integrated “Hawaii Business” with “Hotel and Leisure” for efficient and synergistic management.
For more details, please refer to P11 of the following material. 
Notice Regarding the Cancellation of Formulation of “FY2020-FY2022 Seibu Group’s Medium-term Management Plan” and Withdrawal of “FY2019-FY2021 Seibu Group’s Medium-term Management Plan” 


Initiatives to ensure safety and security of customers and employees, and to recover earnings


  • Seibu Group business management policy during COVID 19 pandemic
    (1)Place safety and security of customers and employees as our top priority in conducting our business.
    (2)Grasp changing needs quickly and accurately from the customers perspective, and work swiftly to develop services.
    (3)Actively pursue profits through above measures.
  • Promoted telework and staggered working hours to prevent the spread of infection.

■Urban Transportation and Regional

■Hotel and Leisure

  • Established “Guidelines for Preventing COVID-19 Infection” at Prince Hotel to put safety and security of guests and employees first in operations.
  • Established “Prince Safety Commitment,”  new standards for health safety and disinfection, to ensure a peace of mind stay in a safe environment and made guidelines for our guests easier to understand.
  • As part of our new standard for safety, we started new services, such as affixing “safety stickers” on cleaned guest room doors and creating an environment for customers to feel safe in restaurants.
  • Expanded stay plans such as “Nearby Travel” and “Campaign for Tokyo residents” that are safe, offer peace of mind, and are easy to enjoy, using the Go To Travel Campaign as a hook.
  • Developed workation plans for corporations to support company problem-solving and “local workations” that also offer the opportunity to enjoy unique local experiences.
  • Proposed remote wedding plans that “connect” with wedding facilities nationwide. Offered “NEW BANQUET EXPERIENCE,” which incorporates wagon services, communication space, and other services.
  • Opened Tokyo Bay Shiomi Prince Hotel , hotel under a management contract. (September 1)

■Real Estate

  • Reopened commercial facilities having implemented measures to prevent infection such as restricting entry with an awareness of avoiding the “three Cs” and ensuring social distancing.
  • Worked with business clients to overcome this difficult period, such as offering rent relief for facilities.(mostly during the first quarter)
  • Opened “Grand Emio Tokorozawa”  phase II and started shared use of new station facilities.(September 2)


  • Conducted construction works, having taken thorough measures to prevent infection.


  • Took thorough measures to prevent infection of Seibu Lions athletes, staff and spectators.
  • Held live concerts with no spectator and accepted spectator events with a capacity usage rate of 50% or lower at Yokohama Arena.
  • Seibu Group companies (Seibu Kanko Bus, Izuhakone Bus, Ohmi Railway and Kokoku Bus) jointly produced and distributed a video on COVID-19 infection countermeasures on sightseeing buses.

Proceeding with key initiatives envisaged in the new medium-term management plan

■Offensive strategy towards DX (digital transformation), marketing strategy

  • Started official smartphone app membership services for “SEIBU PRINCE CLUB” and “SEIBU PRINCE CLUB emi.” 
  • Seibu Group’s MaaS app “SeMo,” brought into service.
    →Started examination and field trials for tourism oriented MaaS in the Kawagoe area.
  • Invited Mr. Tetsuya Shoji (Corporate Advisor to NTT Communications Corporation) as Executive Advisor.

■Sustainability Action

■Collaboration inside and outside the Group

  • Blue Incubation Co., Ltd., and operating company Blue Muse Co., Ltd. were established to invest in and manage new business fields.
  • Selected 6 proposal ideas from a total of 171 submissions under the Seibu Group new business creation program, “SWING OPEN” and started examination and field trials for commercialization.