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Business summary


We provide safe and pleasant services tailored to local needs

The Izu-Hakone district is one of Japan's most popular destinations for international tourists. Our services in transport by rail, bus, and taxis, taking this district as their main service area, are at the center of our development of a wide-ranging business including the operation of Izu Mito Seaparadise and other leisure facilities.

Core companies


Through close accommodation of local wants and needs, we are developing a diverse business grounded in a customer-first policy.

Centered on the area around Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture, this business consists mainly of rail, bus, and taxi services, and has a highly public-service character. We also operate service areas along expressways and cruise ships on the lake. As this suggests, the business is keyed to the wealth of Shiga's tourism resources led by Lake Biwa.

Core companies

Seibu Lions

Our goal is to maintain a strong professional baseball team that has deep community ties and is loved by fans.

Besides playing their hardest to win every game with the support of their fans, the Saitama Seibu Lions stage events that allow fans to enter the field and get a firsthand look at various facilities after the game. This exemplifies the team's efforts to please all fans who come out to the stadium to see games.

Our goal is a team that works with and endears itself to the community through activities even outside the stadium, such as the holding of baseball clinics, visits to local schools, and the opening of Lions Farm, a community farm for local residents.