Diversity & Inclusion

CEO message

We will promote diversity to realize a corporate group that brings smiles to both customers and employees.

The environment surrounding the Seibu Group is currently in the midst of change. The needs of our customers are rapidly evolving due to societal changes such as a declining population, aging society, and an increase in foreign visitors to Japan. As the Seibu Group, we must be agile and adaptable to confront these changes directly. Diversity is an essential component to comply with such changes.
We, as the Seibu Group, are also diversifying in terms of our employees' status, working styles, and nationalities. Therefore, we must acknowledge and embrace these differences and utilize each employee's individuality. This is not only vital for our success but also a social responsibility we must fulfill as a publicly listed company.
In 2015, we created the "Seibu Group Basic Policy for Diversity Promotion" as our vision for promoting diversity in the medium to long-term. As part of this policy, we are taking specific actions to change the mindset and working styles of every employee and create an environment that supports these changes.
Through these efforts, we will create an organization in which each and every employee can work with peace of mind and take on the challenge of self-realization, thereby can promptly respond to various customer needs and provide new value to the world. This is the goal towards which we promote diversity.
Our slogan for promoting diversity is "People Shine. The future will open up." We believe that by acknowledging and embracing diversity, we can create a brighter future. The entire Seibu Group is committed to realizing this slogan and becoming a corporate group that brings smiles to the faces of both customers and employees.
Thank you for your continued support.

Takashi GOTO, Chief Executive of the Seibu Holdings Inc.

Seibu Group 4 Major Companies*1

Numerical targets by FY2025
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  • Ratio of female managers*2 15%
  • Utilization rate of annual paid leave 80%
  • Utilization rate of men taking parental leave 100%
  • *1
    Seibu Holdings Inc., Seibu Railway, Seibu Prince Hotels Worldwide, Seibu Realty Solutions
  • *2
    Section managers or higher

Initiatives to Raise Employee Awareness

Diversity & Inclusion Area Meetings

The program is implemented in various areas, including resort areas, with the aim of encouraging all Seibu Group employees to contemplate diversity and inclusion and take proactive measures. This program provides employees with opportunities to develop a comprehensive understanding of diversity and inclusion, as well as reflect on the actions they can personally undertake.

Diversity Promotion Conference

The conference was held for approximately 700 people in managerial positions and above, including presidents and executives of Seibu Group companies.
The keynote speech was delivered by Ms. Kaori Sasaki, President & CEO, ewoman, Inc. on the theme of "The Essence of Diversity Management: Management to Maximize Organizational Results by Utilizing Diversity. The event served as a reminder of what should be put into practice from a management perspective, with an eye toward the Group's diversity promotion goals.

Diversity Management Seminar

The Seibu Group conducted the program for approximately 1,100 employees in all section manager-equivalent positions. It was an important opportunity to share awareness and the need to promote diversity.

Implementation of study sessions for young employees

Seibu Lab, a department dedicated to creating new business fields through free ideas, holds regular study sessions with outside lecturers to inspire young employees of the Seibu Group companies. The aim is to take on new challenges through knowledge gained in the process of creating new businesses and to foster a culture in which they can proactively propose ideas.