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Hotel and Leisure

The driving force of higher corporate value Hotel and Leisure

We offer pleasant and comfortable services that will gratify each and every customer.
We have a varied assortment of facilities in a wide range of fields including hotels, golf courses, ski resorts, and leisure facilities. We have service locations across Japan and overseas, and are operating them with a view to meet customer needs.

Business summary


We operate hotels inside and outside Japan mainly under three brands: The Prince, Grand Prince Hotel, and Prince Hotel. These hotels provide services with high levels of quality and comfort, in correspondence with the changing wants and needs of guests.

Golf courses

We operate more than 28 golf courses including some of the most prominent in Japan, such as the Kawana Hotel Golf Course and the Kuni Country Club. Drawing on the benefits of our high economy of scale and deep store of know-how, we offer the finest environments for play under the best conditions.

Ski resorts

We have ski resorts in 9 locations nationwide, including Furano and Naeba, under the brand Prince Snow Resort. These ski resorts are coordinated with our hotel business, offering high-value-added services.


Our diverse portfolio of leisure facilities also contains Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, Oiso Long Beach, and Hakone En. Each provides services that never fail to gratify customers.

Core facilities