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Urban Transportation

Urban Transportation

The source of higher corporate value Urban Transportation and Regional

We are helping to enrich society by providing safe and pleasant services.
Urban Transportation and Regional consist of railway operations, bus operations, lifestyle service along rail lines, sports operations, and others.

Business summary

Railway operations

Through Seibu Railway, we provide public transportation indispensable to customers for commuting, tourism and other activities in the Tokyo-Saitama area. While doing our best to assure safety and security as our duty to society, we also try to make our services more comfortable with steps such as barrier-free access to stations, and more convenient through mutual use of lines with other railways.

Bus operations

We organize route networks for buses covering Seibu Railway line stations and neighboring areas and make efforts to improve convenience through operation adapted to local needs. We also operate express buses and bus service to and from airports.

Lifestyle service along rail lines

We operate facilities along Seibu Railway line such as the in-station convenience store “TOMONY” and so on.

Sports operations

We operate sports facilities along Seibu Railway line such as the Sayama Indoor Ski and fitness clubs.


Our taxi service operates both taxis and hired cars, mainly in the area served by Seibu Railway lines.