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Real Estate

The key to higher corporate value Real Estate

We are contributing to the local communities by promoting district development that is people- and environment-friendly, safe and secure, and brimming with appeal and vibrancy.
The Real Estate Business consists of leasing operations and others.

Business summary

Leasing operations

SEIBU REALTY SOLUTIONS INC. owns and operates Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho, outlet malls (Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza), and other facilities. SEIBU REALTY SOLUTIONS INC. also operates stores inside and near stations and under elevated railway tracks owned by Seibu Railway (such as Grand Emio Tokorozawa).It also runs rental condominiums (such as emilive Shakujii-Koen), the close-to-station children’s daycare facility “Nicot”, facilities adjacent to station buildings (such as BIGBOX Takadanobaba), and large-scale office buildings (such as DaiyaGate Ikebukuro).


SEIBU REALTY SOLUTIONS INC. and Seibu Railway Co., Ltd. sell housing, condominiums, and villas in lots. Meanwhile, Seibu SCCAT Inc. provides building maintenance and security services. Seibu Landscape Co., Ltd. designs and performs landscapes in addition to providing maintenance and operation management for national parks, and other facilities. On October 1, 2021, we established Step Out Co., Ltd. to expand businesses in the outdoor business domain, and we are preparing to open a campground in the Karuizawa area.