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Seibu Group Services

Play Sports

Seibu Group companies run various facilities along Seibu Railway lines and at Prince Hotels in each area where you can work up a nice sweat playing sports.

Golf Courses

We operate 28 golf courses around Japan, and each has its own unique layout. Many of them are attached to PRINCE HOTELS, so you can enjoy both golf and the accommodations. We also have three golf courses in Hawaii.

Ski Resorts

We operate 10 ski resorts in Japan, mostly in Niigata and Nagano. During the winter season, we welcome skiers and snowboarders. The Kagura Ski Resort in Niigata also has a summer slope, so you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding even during the green season. Many of the resorts are attached to PRINCE HOTELS, and they provide extensive services, including rentals!

Tennis Courts

We have two tennis courts along SEIBU Railway Lines, one in Shinagawa (Tokyo), and one in the Yokohama-Shonan area. We also run tennis schools.

Bowling Alleys

We run bowling alleys at PRINCE HOTELS in Tokyo, Oiso, and Karuizawa. Enjoy your time at this perfect place for various occasions with your family or friends.

Skating Rinks

We have two skating rinks along SEIBU Railway Lines and one in Shin-Yokohama. In addition to open skating, we run a skating school and open the rinks up for events as well!

Fitness Clubs

We have fitness clubs in four locations along SEIBU Railway Lines. Each of them is near the station, so you can stop by on your way home from work!


SEIBU PRINCE CLUB emi is a member service program that offers high-quality hospitality and special benefit services to ensure that overseas guests have an unforgettable time in Japan. Through this program, we will see to it that guests experience plenty of joy in all aspects of their stay in Japan.
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