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Community engagement

Basic approach

Abiding by the principles set forth in its Group Vision, the Group is committed to conducting business in an open and fair manner while paying close attention to feedback from customers and community residents. Acting as a member of the local community, the Group proactively collaborates within its sphere and with civil groups as part of its efforts to contribute to community development and environmental conservation.
The Group's railway services are deeply rooted in towns and cities throughout Japan, while its hotels collaborate with local communities to attract tourists and its real estate development business brings regional investment. From that basis, the Group works together with municipalities situated along its railway lines to stimulate regional development. At the same time, the Group tailors its services to address the needs of local populations, which are aging at a rapid rate, by making its services more convenient for the elderly and applying universal design to improve accessibility.

Initiatives implemented by the Group companies

Invigoration of railroad corridor and local communities

Attracting tourists to stimulate local economies

The Group companies initiate campaigns to attract tourists and provide regional tourism information in collaboration with various municipalities in an effort to stimulate the economies of the communities they serve. Recognizing that train stations are often the first place that tourists visit, at Seibu Railway, we have worked to improve the overall appeal of the line itself through such efforts as introducing a new Laview limited express train and making improvements at station buildings

Specific initiatives

Building stronger ties with local communities

The Group companies make extra efforts to build stronger ties with their surrounding communities. For example, Seibu Railway and Seibu Lions both work to bring dynamism to local areas through their participation in assemblies and conferences as well as collaboration with relevant organizations. Likewise, Prince Hotels supports local producers of food, beverages and handicrafts by selling their goods at its hotels.

Specific initiatives

Ensuring full access to transportation

The Group companies, including Seibu Bus and Izuhakone Railway Group, offer community bus services and cooperate with ride sharing programs to ensure that everyone in rural communities has access to public transportation.

Specific initiatives

Improving accessibility through universal design

Making facilities barrier-free

The Seibu Group is a member of The Valuable 500 global initiative to draw out the latent potential of those with disabilities and promote their participation in society.  Click here  for “The Seibu Group Commitments”
The Group companies have been applying universal design principles with the goal of making its buildings and facilities fully accessible to everyone, including people with physical disabilities.

Specific initiatives

Improving services for international tourists

As an operator of transportation services and hotels, the Group works tirelessly to assist tourists visiting Japan, which have been growing rapidly in recent years.

Specific initiatives

Aging population and low birthrate

Helping parents care for children

Offering support for senior citizens

The Group has established a project for helping senior citizens live happier and more active lives. A wide range of activities are being offered through the project .

Specific initiatives