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Corporate culture

Basic approach

The Group promotes its Group Vision through various initiatives to encourage all employees and managers to reflect on the principles of the vision and put them into practice. It is also taking steps to make its workplaces more comfortable and motivating to work in, while fostering a corporate culture that all stakeholders can trust. Through these efforts, the Group will strive to maximize corporate and shareholder value going forward.

Measures to instill and promote the Group Vision

The Group Vision established on March 27, 2006 expresses the Seibu Group's management philosophy as well as the starting point and ultimate goal of all activities of Group employees. We are rolling out measures to instill and promote it in various ways.

  • Tracking survey on the Group Vision conducted annually among all Group executives and employees to find out how well the Group Vision has penetrated the Group and identify issues
  • Team Smile Awards recognizing outstanding efforts based on the Group Vision
  • Smile Factory wherein employees from Seibu Group companies submit measures and ideas to management to create a climate conducive to taking up challenges and promote inter-company collaboration
  • Good Job Card, a tool for recognizing positive actions taken by subordinates based on the Group Vision and support communication within the workplace
  • “ism (information for seibu group members)” Group newsletter and web-ism sharing various information related to instilling the Group Vision

Initiatives implemented by the Group companies

Work style reforms

Revamping personnel systems and improving working environments

Aiming to improve work-life balance and workplace conditions for employees, the Group companies are taking steps to create more comfortable working environments by prohibiting long working hours and allowing for flex-time work from home.

Specific initiatives
  • Adopted flextime systems to allow employees to choose their working hours, and allowed diverse working conditions by making use of telework and ICT systems to let employees work at home or offsite
  • Restricting overtime hours and implementing systems to prevent long working hours
  • Seibu Railway and Prince Hotels Built new dormitories for employees
  • Seibu Railway Providing cleaning services for employee dormitories

Initiatives to improve operational efficiency

Seibu Group companies are actively utilizing ICT. In addition to improving operational efficiency and the work environment for employees, they are engaged in such efforts as cooperating in demonstration tests and introducing robots to further increase safety, reliability, and comfort for customers. They are also providing customers with solutions that utilize AI and other technologies.

Specific initiatives

Recruiting diverse workforce

Aiming to boost its competitiveness, the Group is cultivating organizations that make the most of their diverse human resources while respecting the individuality of each employee. To promote diversity, the Group is actively recruiting non-Japanese nationals, providing employment opportunities for people with disabilities, and re-employing personnel who have reached retirement age, while also implementing measures to facilitate the career advancement of female employees. Through these actions, the Group is maintaining workplace environments that are comfortable and motivating to work in.

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Human resources development and Human resources management

Developing human resources through training programs

With a view to raise productivity and have all employees work together to achieve growth and sustainably increase corporate value, the Group offers a comprehensive range of training programs at each level of career advancement and years of service, and also provides support for employees who aspire to acquire relevant qualifications.

Specific initiatives

Supporting employees' healthcare management

To help employees maintain good health and personally improve, the Group provides them with regular health checkups as well as other healthcare support.

Specific initiatives
  • Regular health examinations
  • Offering mental health checkups
  • Providing financial assistance for smoking cessation programs
  • Seibu Properties Recognized under 2020 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization Recognition Program of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Nippon Kenko Kaigi in the large enterprises category
  • Seibu Electrical Construction, Seibu Tetsudo Service, Seibu Recreation, and Seibu Health Insurance Society Recognized under 2020 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization Recognition Program of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Nippon Kenko Kaigi in the small and medium-sized enterprises category


Establishing a group-wide compliance system

Seibu Holdings has established a compliance system for the entire Seibu Group to follow, and is working with each company of the Group to enforce relevant rules, including the Seibu Group Code of Corporate Ethic, which was created based on the Group Vision, set up and maintain compliance-related organizations, and implement training and other activities to ensure that all employees and managers are highly aware of compliance-related issues.

Click here to see more information on the corporate governance webpage about compliance.

Maintaining the security of personal information

The Group takes a variety of measures to properly protect confidential information and customer data. For example, it provides employees with regular training on preventing email attacks, collects information on compliance with international laws, and has systems in place for immediately responding to security breaches.

Specific initiatives
  • Providing training on email security and awareness of information security
  • Participating in the Nippon Computer Security Incident Response Team Association to collect and share security-related information
  • Collecting information on compliance with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation and other international laws, and maintaining systems designed for immediately responding to data leaks (data breaches)