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List of Group Companies(Global)

The Seibu Group comprises the 82 companies listed below and two associates accounted for using the equity method, one associate not accounted for using the equity method.

Companies incorporated overseas

  • Aina Kamali'i Corporation
  • AB Hotels Ltd
  • Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki LLC.
  • Jilin Seibu Hotels & Resorts Consulting Co., Ltd.
  • Leisure Inn Penny Royal Pty Ltd
  • Leisure Inn Spires Resort Pty Limited
  • Leisure Inn Pokolbin Resort Pty Limited
  • Mauna Kea Resort LLC.
  • Mauna Kea Resort Service LLC.
  • Moani Corp.
  • Park Regis Liberty Towers Pty Ltd
  • Park Regis Hospitality Management Pty Ltd
  • Park Regis Cairns Pty Ltd
  • Park Regis Townsville Pty Ltd
  • Park Regis Brisbane Pty Ltd
  • Park Regis City Centre Management Pty Ltd
  • Park Regis Griffin Pty Ltd
  • Park Regis Hospitality Management Pte Ltd
  • Prince Resorts Hawaii, Inc.
  • PT Staywell Hospitality Management Services Indonesia
  • Seibu Singapore Pte Ltd.
  • South Kohala Water Corporation
  • StayWell Holdings Pty Ltd 
  • StayWell Hospitality Holdings Pty Limited
  • StayWell Hospitality Investments Pty Ltd
  • StayWell Hospitality Management Pte Limited
  • StayWell Hospitality Management Pvt Limited
  • StayWell Hospitality(Shoreditch) Limited
  • StayWell Hospitality Management(China) Limited
  • StayWell Hospitality Management(Shanghai) Limited
  • StayWell Hospitality Investment and Management(China) Company Limited
  • StayWell UAE Limited
  • StayWell Hospitality Management UAE LLC
  • Taiwan Yokohama Hakkeijima Inc.

As of August 3, 2020

The Seibu Group regards the trademark rights, patents, copyrights, design rights, and other intellectual property rights in its possession as precious assets of the Group, and is committed to protecting and developing them.

Other companies (32) (82 in total)