Our Approach on ESG

The Seibu Group is committed to earning the trust of all stakeholders and becoming their corporate group of choice to achieve strong and sustainable growth by fulfilling its social responsibilities and creating both new norms and meaningful experiences through its wide range of business activities. The linchpin of these corporate activities (CSR activities) is our Group Vision, which defines the value we should strive to express, and the Seibu Group Corporate Code of Ethics. Our first step toward revival following the completion of the Group's reorganization, the Group Vision was established in March 2006 as a vision for the future uniting the spirits and abilities of all people who work in the Seibu Group. The Seibu Group is dedicated to full realization of the Group Vision, and stands ready to support every aspect of our customers' lives, with safety and amenity as fundamental concerns, as we stride boldly toward becoming a corporate group that provides a moving experience.

*Note: ESG stands for Environment, Social, and Governance. We acknowledge non-financial information such as our activities on the environment and participation in society is an important factor for the company's sustainable growth.

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