Group Vision

Established in 2006, our Group Vision expresses the Seibu Group management philosophy. At the same time it states clearly what the starting point and the end goal of all our activities should be. In other words, it expresses our commitment to being a corporate Group that seeks to realize safety and amenity as its fundamental concern and aspires through these efforts to provide moving experiences.

The Group Philosophy

All of us at the Seibu Group work to help develop the local communities,
as well as society at large, to protect the environment, and to provide safe,
pleasant services for memorable experiences.

We also proudly and responsibly meet the challenge of
creating the kind of new services that will move customers.

The Group Declaration

Our aim is to be professionals promoting customers' activities for rich experiences.

1. Be earnest
- Engage in all businesses and services with safety as their foundation.
- Open- and fair-minded in our conduct.
- Respect the opinions of our customers and the members of our local communities.
2. Walk together
- Mindful of the natural and global environment.
- Act as a member of our local community.
- Proactively cooperate with entities within and outside our group.
3. Meet challenges
- Act from a global perspective.
- Offer new services in anticipation of the coming times [new innovations].
- Bring exciting new experiences to our customers' lives.

Group Slogan logo

Seibu Group Smiles ahead

This logo shows our fundamental corporate idea for building the Seibu Group brand.

The new logo represents
the "Seibu Group's untiring determination to meet challenges"
of creating innovative services for the future.
And the fresh Seibu Group Blue and its gradation symbolize our innovative spirit.
This logo serves to unite all Group companies and to communicate, at a glance,
the value of the Seibu Group brand.

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