Communication with Customers

Basic Philosophy

Guided by the slogan, “Smiles ahead,” the Seibu Group moves to meet customers' diverse needs by consistently proposing new services that are ahead of the times, and providing new moving experiences in people's lives. In our communication with customers, we disseminate information through public relations activities, our website and other media. Regarding our efforts to deepen our relationships with people living in areas served by our railway lines, we operate child care centers near Seibu Railway stations that take into account the unique characteristics of each area and, as part of the Seibu Group Children's Support Project, we offer various programs to give children hands-on experience which lets children experience the Seibu Group's diverse businesses.

The Seibu Group's Initiatives Expressed in Numbers

Initiatives Taken by Group Companies

Activities for Contributing to the Environment and Society by Seibu Railway

Environmental activities (weeding of Shibazakura Hill in Hitsujiyama Park)

We aim to be the corporate group that customers choose to partner with when developing areas surrounding railway lines by connecting the appeal of various areas with the needs of customers from inside and outside the area. We also aim to grow along with local communities by partnering with them to increase the value of the areas where they are located. In cooperation with a number of companies that supported our efforts, we launched a program aimed at preserving the environment and contributing to local societies in 2016. As part of efforts, participants from inside and outside areas surrounding our rail lines ride the tourism train “The Seibu Traveling Restaurant-fifty two seats of happiness” to the Chichibu area to view various facilities and plant trees. This activity conveys the appeal of the Chichibu area to visitors from outside the region. We continue activities to work toward our Group Vision of environmental protection and operation in harmony with local communities.

Tie up Between Prince Hotels and Local Non-profit Organizations

Prince Ice World J-pops in Kumamoto

In January 2017, Prince Hotels sponsored Prince Ice World J-pops in Kumamoto, an ice skating show that ran for two days based on the theme of “Delivering Smiles and Inspiration to Kumamoto.” We supported the reconstruction of Kumamoto by not only providing free tickets to roughly 1,000 children and elderly residents of the area affected by the earthquakes, but also sponsoring a charity ice skating school. In December 2016, the Naeba Prince Hotel cooperated with Uonuma Kikan Hospital to improve the survival rate of people injured at ski resorts by not only improving the hospital's procedures and treatment, but also improving first response capabilities.

Support for Local Children by Seibu Lions

Kindergarten visits by mascots, Leo and Lina

Seibu Lions mascots Leo and Lina and official performance team Blue Legends regularly participate in programs where they visit local nursery schools, daycare centers, kindergartens, and child welfare facilities and, through dance instruction and safe and fun baseball training using sponge balls, teach children lessons such as the importance of being kind to their friends, greeting each other brightly and cheerfully, and the joy of exercise. Also, through the Lions Fund, fans, players, and the Lions team come together to use the proceeds from sales of charity goods and charity auctions to provide items such as games, playing cards, and tablemats to charities.

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