Let's Enjoy Shiga! Hikone, Omihachiman and Otsu

Omihachiman Exploring the Omihachiman Preservation District for Traditional Buildings and Lakeside District

The birthplace of the historic Omi merchants. Along the charming Hachiman Canal, shops housed inside renovated ancient white-walled storehouses and merchant's house line the street. Exploring the atmospheric lakeside district is something you will remember for a lifetime!

Suigo no Sato Maruyama Tiffany Omi beef restaurant Omihachiman Preservation District for Traditional Buildings Hachimanyama Ropeway Saraku café

Suigo no Sato Maruyama

Take the Ohmi Railway Bus, get off at the Maruyama stop, and you'll find an old-fashioned hand-paddled boat dock. Ride one and you can enjoy the sights of the Omihachiman lakeside district, a nationally designated Important Cultural Landscape, while listening to fun commentary and explanations provided by the boatman!

  • Explore the Omihachiman lakeside district, a Japan Heritage site! Go sightseeing on the water from a hand-paddled boat.

  • Passengers sit on tatami mats!

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Tiffany Omi beef restaurant

Located right close to Omihachiman Station, Tiffany is a popular Omi beef specialty restaurant operated directly by Kanekichi Yamamoto, a renowned butcher shop which boasts some 120 years of history. Thanks to this direct operation arrangement, Tiffany serves highest quality Omi beef at reasonable prices. The restaurant's head chef has 25 years of experience and makes maximum use of the delicate flavor and superb balance of meat and fat offered by Omi beef. The melt-in-your-mouth meat and the flavor as you take a bite of it is true bliss.

  • Omi Beef Steak Lunch (¥4,536): The steak is prepared extremely simple to fully draw out the natural delicious flavor of Omi beef. Sprinkle on quality soy sauce from a venerable Omi soy sauce shop or a little coarse salt to enjoy another aspect of the flavor of Omi beef.

  • The spacious restaurant is located on the second floor of the Kanekichi Yamamoto butcher shop.

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Omihachiman Preservation District for Traditional Buildings

Using the Ohmi Railway 2-Day Pass, you can get to the Omihachiman Preservation District for Traditional Buildings in about 10 minutes by taking an Ohmi Railway Bus from Omihachiman Station. The area developed as a castle town together with the construction of Toyotomi Hidetsugu's Hachiman Castle, and the townscape still looks much as it did in his time. The heavy atmosphere of ancient Japan in this distinctive area, however, is also pierced here and there by “exotic” Western-style buildings. William Merrell Vories, architect and one of the founders of the Mentholatum pharmaceutical company, was a key figure who helped this uniquely beautiful townscape combining East and West come into being.

  • Toyotomi Hidetsugu dug the Hachiman Canal, which became a key facilitator of transportation on the lake. Small boats weave to and fro on the water, where boats came and went in the distant past. If you want to enjoy the good-old sights of Omihachiman, a boat tour of the canal is recommended.

  • Famous as one of the best spots to take a picture in the area!

  • The former Hachiman Post Office built by Vories.

Hachimanyama Ropeway

Mt. Hachiman, located in Omihachiman, is the location where Toyotomi Hidetsugu, nephew of Shogun Toyotomi Hideyoshi, built Hachiman Castle. Hidetsugu was later forced to commit suicide and the castle was abandoned, but its ruins can still be seen there, as well as the Zuiryu-ji temple built by Hidetsugu's mother. The ropeway takes four minutes to reach the top of the mountain. In addition to historic sites, visitors can also enjoy a spectacular panorama of Lake Biwa.

  • The Hachimanyama Ropeway makes getting to the top of the mountain a breeze.

  • The ruins of the Nishinomaru citadel offer a superb view of Lake Biwa.

  • In addition to gorgeous scenery, visitors can find numerous historic sites. The Zuiryu-ji temple is one of the must-see spots.

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Saraku café

This small café situated on the banks of the Hachiman Canal is housed inside a renovated 170-year-old earthen storehouse. Ivy climbs the outer walls and sparkles of light reflecting off the nearby water pour in through the windows. The elegant atmosphere and beautiful scenery is sure to relax the guests. Visitors can enjoy a quiet moment while dining on special dishes prepared with local produce, sweets incorporating an abundance of fruit, or the weekly weekday-only lunch special. Arts and crafts handmade by local artists are also sold.

  • The rich matcha flavor and cheese go together perfectly, delighting the diner. From the café's windows, you can watch the old canal, which still looks much as it did in its heyday, as well as the small boats going to and fro on its waters. *Menu items vary depending on season.

  • Cute crafts are also sold here.

  • An old storehouse surrounded by greenery and water is a hidden café where you can take your time and relax.

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