Sustainability Actions: Agenda (The Key Objectives)

The process of determining the Group's key objectives

The Group established four category/12 agenda with the flow as follow.

Step 1: Issues confronting Japanese society were examined.

A broad range of issues were examined in consideration of the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs), ISO 26000 international standards for social responsibility, sustainability reporting standards set by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), and other criteria.

Step 2: Relevant issues to focus on were selected.

The issues were narrowed down according to their relevance to the Group's business activities and operating environment, and in consideration of initiatives being taken by other companies.

Step 3: Key objectives were established.

Management conferences were held to prioritize certain issues, categorize areas of activities and set specific objectives in consideration of related measures currently underway and the principles laid out in the Group Vision. Finally, sustainability actions were approved by the Board of Directors as priority measures for the medium-term management plan.

About the Category and Agenda

The Group established following four category/12 agenda with the flow as above.

Category Agenda Related SDGs
Customer safety Ensure safety and reliability
Environmental conservation Greenhouse gas reduction
Waste reduction
Ensuring water supply
Protecting forest and species
Community engagement Invigoration of railroad corridor and local communities
Universal design
Aging population and low birthrate
Corporate culture Work style reforms
Recruiting diverse workforce
Human resources development and Human resource management
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